• Food Vendor Booth 10’x10’, 1 table and 2 folding chairs $ 250.00AFRICAN ARTS
  • General Booth 10’x10’, 1 table and 2 folding chairs $300.00
  • Corner booth 10’x10’, 1 Table and 2 folding chairs $350.00

Vendor Rules & Regulations

Each Vendor Should

  1. Bring your own tablecloths and decorations for tent and surrounding area. The event will begin at 10:00 a.m. and will continue until 8:00 p.m. All tent signage must be approved by Houston African Arts Festival before being placed at your tent. ( No electrical or neon signs )
  2. Set up begins at 6:00 am on Saturday September 10th, 2016 and we would like everyone to be ready by 10:00 am. All vendors should display their vehicle parking/ set up pass on their vehicle. Quickly unload, move vehicle to vendor parking area, then return to set-up your booth (please do not: unload, set up, then move vehicle!)
  3. All vehicles must leave the site by 8:00 am NO EXEPTIONS!
  4. Prior to the event you will need to pick up vendor pass that must be displayed on the dashboard of your vehicle to enter into the site. Your booth number will be on your vendor pass and on your actual booth. Only one vendor pass per vendor vehicle and a maximum of 4 vendor wristbands will be included. If you require more please bring that up to our attention. Vendors without their wristband will not be permitted access into the event.
  5. ALL TRASH, PAPERS OR BOXES MUST BE PLACED IN A DUMSTER. Please reference an event map that evening for location of dumpsters. We will have on staff a cleaning crew to provide festival trash removal but please do your part and help keep the park clean. Do not dump grease, dirty waste water or hot coals into the streets. There will be a designated “Grey Water” container for all wastewater or grease. It is a State and Federal violation to dump any wastewater or grease in to any municipal storm drain. Please review the map for the proper location.
  6. All food vendors are required to follow all strict guidelines enforced by the Health and Human Service Department of the City of Houston. All locations must contain 1) receptacle with clean water, 1) receptacle with water and soap, and 1) receptacle with water and bleach stated by the Health Dept. There will be access to water on site provided by the event producer and will be specified on the event map located in your vendor packet.
  7. Houston African Arts Festival has obtained the necessary permits to host this event. A determined space, tent, table and chairs for your booth are provided unless otherwise specified. All festival equipment must be left as found when you leave the event. If anything is missing, they will be billed to your business. Extra equipment is available upon request – see the EXHIBITO CONFIRMATION FORM for more information.
  8. No propane will be allowed on park premises. NO EXEPTIONS!
  9. To ensure that you will have electricity on event day, we must know by August 2016 all of your event electrical requirements. It is your responsibility to bring at least 100’ extension cords for EACH outlet supplied. Electricity will be provided and located by your tent. Please be specific on electrical needs and their uses and complete the Electrical Needs Section on

the EXHIBITOR CONFIRMATION FORM. An electrician will be on site from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on the day of event for any assistance. Additional charges may apply.

  1. For public safety, our Police and Fire Department require that ALL sidewalks behind your booth spaces are not blocked. This means you cannot use them for any type of food prep or grilling. We have given you space on either side of your booth for these purposes. If you need additional space larger than what you are renting we suggest you purchase another booth for the appropriate listed fee.
  2. The deadline to submit this application for a space August 2016.
  3. All vendors Fees must be paid by Company Check, Money Order, Cash or Cashier’s Check. Personal Checks will not be accepted. Payment must be received no later than May 2016.

Liability Waiver and Release: I, hereby assume all responsibility for, and risks and hazards of, participation in the rental activity planned by my group. In considerations of Houston African Arts Festival 2016 providing permission to use the space requested, I, and all members of my rental group, do hereby release Houston African Arts Festival and the City and County of Houston, including all officials, officers, employees, sponsors, organizers, supervisors, volunteers, participants, ad all other agents, of any and all claims, demands, rights, and causes of action of whatever kind and nature, arising from and by reason of, and all known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen, bodily and personal injuries, damage to property, and the consequences thereof, resulting from participation in the rental activity planned in the Houston African Arts Festival.

 Click here to download the PDF version of the Vendors Package!

  • Vendors are responsible for removing banners and items used in the park. Fees will be applied for items left at park. By signing this contract/ information sheet, I have read, understand and agree to comply with the rules as attached to this contract and information sheet. By reading this vendor information/ contract and signing below, you are agreeing to abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the event organizers in the Houston African Arts Festival and made a part here of by reference.


Please make all checks payable to Houston African Arts Festival!